Egungun Festival in Yoruba Land

Egungun festival is part of the Yoruba religious system sometimes referred to as “orisa”. Egungun is celebrated in festivals and the rituals through the custom or masquerade. An elder from the egungun family called “Alagbaa” sometimes presides over the ancestral rites, but egungun priests are the ones in charge of invoking the spirit of the Ancestor and bringing them out.

The invocation is done when the egungun worshipers dance, drums, and possessed by the ancestral spirits, that they beat everybody they see with their whips. They believe using the whip against people could help to clean the community from wickedness. After this, the egungun priest advice, warn and pray for their spectators, and people give them money which evidently enriches the priest.

Egungun is otherwise known as the masked ancestors of the Yoruba kingdom which assures the people that the dead are among the living. The chief priest of egungun that does invoke the spirit of the ancestors is called “Alapini”. The festival is celebrated annually in the Yoruba kingdom, in almost all the towns and cities and this has tremendously contributed positively to the Nigerian economy, and also helped to foster unity among indigenous people.

Egungun masks are also performed during specific funeral rites, marking the death of important personalities. The festival is common among the” Egbas, Egbado, Oyo, and other parts of the south west; and is usually carried out within November to April, when there is no rain with the belief that their ancestors should not have to suffer in the rain.

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