Importance of Palm Wine

Palmwine-tapping is a profession that fetches average income for so many people in Nigeria. However, the direct economic importance of Palmwine (and not some of its other products) would have been much more in Nigeria. But the Wine which is valued in its natural form, soon goes sour after some hours of tapping, thus becoming undrinkable.

Although if distilled it can be turned into an African local Gin (Ogogoro), its importance cannot be undermine in terms of Nigerian tradition and custom. It is used in different local occasions ranging from wedding ceremonies, through naming ceremonies to community festivals.

According to scientific research, it is being stated that palmwine contains high amount of calories, little protein, and high amount of vitamins that include Vitamin A and B. Vitamin A is known for its positive role in ensuring good vision.

Palmwine is believed in Nigerian rural communities, to cure malaria and measles in children. Hence, it is used for both oral and external treatment of the ailments.

In conclusion, it is noted that Palmwine is one of the most popular local relaxation drinks in Nigeria. The Wine is very cheap, as such used for relaxation (expectially amongst men) in public places. Though women also drink Palmwine, but usually in the private.

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